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Strange Little Girl
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9th-Feb-2007 12:27 pm - my baby rocks!
My baby boy took his first steps by himself two days ago! Took four whole steps from his dadda to me!

Sometime the smallest things in life are sooo huge!
28th-Jan-2007 04:47 pm - Blah
head hurt bad
I’m sick, again. I think I have bronchitis. I have totally lost my voice. I try to talk and it sounds like a mouse in a blender. I wish I had the energy to do something useful like clean but I don’t.

I hate being sick.
10th-Jan-2007 09:39 pm - bored
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9th-Jan-2007 01:19 am - I seek advise
Ok for those of you who know me I have a dilemma.

I think everyone knows my parents are exceedingly dysfunctional. My mother isn’t just “nut” as in “oh that crazy old lady….” but nuts in the sense “quick call 911, dad hold her down we need to get her medicated, quick bro tie a towel around her wrist to stop her bleeding….” you know that kind of nuts. So my parents are now homeless and now as I can easily turn my back to them as this would totally be understandable, I am faced with 3 facts.

1. I find it hard to not come to the conclusion that with the massive amounts of money I’m paying in daycare I can use it for a home for my parents in exchange for my dad watch the boys. As much as I love Granny and she loves my kids it's just not working out.

2. My father was excellent with Dylan. I also think Dylan was good for my dad too.

3. This is the hard one, my mother isn’t well.

So with the idea that maybe giving a home back to my mother in the condition she seek immediate psychiatric help may settle her biggest issue. Al surprisingly isn’t against helping them. He sees what I see too. I just wish it wasn’t so damn difficult to know what to do.

Oh bother!
7th-Jan-2007 10:07 pm(no subject)
fucking fab

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29th-Nov-2006 01:19 am(no subject)
fucking fab

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29th-Nov-2006 12:57 am - Not allowed in the kitchen
So I am annoyed after perfecting a fucking awesome Thanksgiving day recipe, I was sabotaged to only make the salad. The salad, oh and one side dish, my roasted carrots. The turkey which I did not get to make had no flavor, no color and was a big blob of meat. I am offended and I want my holiday dinner back.

Here is what everyone missed out on, especially my mother in law who does love my cooking.

To Start-
Assorted Cheese Plate
Salad of Frisee, Radicchio, and Butter lettuce, with Goat cheese and Pomegranate dressing.
Roasted Butternut Squash Soup With Roasted garlic and Chilpote Essence

Main Course--
Turkey Sausage with Apple and Chestnut Cornbread Stuffing
Herb- Turkey with Dressing
Yukon Gold Potato and Baby Bella Mushroom Gratin
Haricots Verts, Roasted Fennel, and Shallots
Roasted Carrots, with shallotts and olives
Mom’s Orange Cranberry Relish

For Desert-
Mom’s spectacularly tasty Pumpkin pie
Chocolate Bourbon Pecan pie
19th-Nov-2006 02:13 am - Dinner Menu
Well after some requests from my friends I am starting a new thing where I post meals that I think are resturant worthy. So tonight we had Salmon. Here you go-

Cesar salad with Parmesan Crisps
Broiled Salmon with Herb Mustard Glaze
Trio of Spaghetti with Nicoise Olives,
Pecorino cheese, pine nuts and Heirloom tomatoes
Prosciutto-wrapped Asparagus
Vanilla bean ice cream with
Fresh Strawberries in a Balsamic and Black pepper sauce
Meal will be paired with Clos du Lac
White Zinfandel

I actualy print this out in the Nimbus Script font and put it in a small frame on our dinner table next to a bouquet of flowers. It looks really cool and Al now comes home excited to see whats on the menu. If anyone wants my recipes, post a comment and I shall share them with you.
head hurt bad
Well today I woke up to find I can’t move my neck. My arms feel like fire is going through them and I can’t do anything but sit. Luckily my fingers sort of work so I can still type. J Eric came up this weekend. “That boy aint well.” He’s been on hunger strike pretty much since he’s been here. So far he ate some noodles Friday night. Yesterday all day he ate some frosted flakes with no milk, a fruit roll, and a banana. He’s also been as antisocial as possible preferring to crouch outside on our cement patio on a rainy day for hours on end rather than come inside and participate with the family. I wish the family would get real and urge him to get medication. He is so out of control it’s to the point he’s dysfunctional as an adult. I really, really dislike Dylan hanging around him. Some how he finds something fun and interesting in him so I can’t seem to pry him apart. I do try to supervise as much as possible but with Eric’s mental state I do not trust him with my son. ( Even at this moment he’s doing nothing but pace back and forth from one room to another.) Psycho! Psycho!

I wonder if it is the stress of Al, Eric being here added to the situation yet again with my parents that is causing my body to be in so much pain.

Oh yea, guess what everyone, my parents are getting kicked out of my half-sister Lisa’s home and now they officially have no where to go. My mother’s mental state is still deteriorating, day by day she still grows more paranoid and more angry. My father still continues to enable her, and so far he has done nothing to get help from the state to care for her, or has found a job. That is why my sister has had enough. I’m not letting them come back. Sorry my children come first.

Al and I are still battling it out. His delusions of grandeur is starting to ease up a little. I told him Thursday night that since he’s become MGA that I don’t recognize who he is anymore. I was optimistic that he would hear my words of concern and lighten up a bit; none the less I was only disappointed to have him pause for five minutes to only reply that I am not the same either. How far can a relationship get pushed before it does break? I feel that because the possibility of divorce is not an option, it is giving him licensing to act and do what ever he wants. I’m still in shock over on our way back from our trip to Jackson in September he asked out of the blue, “Does being married mean you’re committed to the point that I own your vagina? Does that mean you own my cock? And by that commitment does it mean I no longer own my cock?” At that point I wanted to throw up. Since then it’s been enormously turbulent. It’s when you become comfortable in a relationship, where you’re in a rut that’s when a blow like that knocks you off your guard. Now I feel like maybe I’m not so great, maybe a piece of ass is just that. All I know is now I just don’t care anymore. I do so much for him and if he can’t see that then I have to let go a little, take him for what he is, and treat this relationship as a purely working one.

Well Al is home for the moment, I shall update more when I’m not in so much pain I want to cry. God I wish I had some pot right now. I’m in so much pain I’d give anything to just end it. That is why I have to let this stress go. It’s not healthy. Anyway here is me in Jackson.

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